iOS 10.1 pop up alert
(Credits : Youtube)

During the beta period of the iOS 10, Apple had provided a pop-up message to warn users about apps that can harm the performance of their device and cause it to run slow. However, when the iOS 10 was finally released, the pop-up was nowhere to be found. Though now that the iOS 10.1 beta is already available, the pop-up message is also back. This pop-up warns users against apps that can cause damage to the device’s system because it only has 32 bit support. According to the warning, the app developer should update the app to improve its compatibility with the newest iOS 10.1

The pop-up tells users that apps that are not updated with 64-bit support will negatively affect the performance of your device. The alert does send a message to the developer of the app in question that they should update their product.

However, it is uncertain if the past will repeat itself once the iOS 10.1 gets out of beta and the final version is launched. Whether or not the pop-up will be present in the final version of the OS is still unsure.

Furthermore, Apple has already informed developers and users back in 2015 that all apps should be updated with 64-bit support to avoid any compatibility issues. Following this, in June 2015, all apps that are accepted in the App Store are required to be in 64 bit, otherwise, out the door they go. There was even a warning from Apple stated in their guidelines that developers who do not comply with the new requirements will have their apps removed from the App Store.



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