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Android Auto is available in the US Market for over a long time, so it is not that hard to presume that the automotive OS isn’t accessible all over the world that easily, especially the third world countries. It is time that this tradition changes and Android Auto expands it branches,  Google has declared that Android Auto is now accessible in 18 more countries all over the world. That shows that drivers in these countries will be now control over compatible apps on their phone from the “car infotainment system”.

This is definitely an exciting news for people, particularly for those whose countries name is included in the below mentioned list. The 18 new countries that will support Android Auto are

“Argentina, Austria, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, India, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Russia, Switzerland, Uruguay, and Venezuela.”

If your country is not included, it will be soon there. The addition of these 18 new places shows the major international rollout of Android Auto from the time when it was launched. Its value is not that big as it was publicized, it means can be with zero. Just because Android Auto is accessible in these countries doesn’t clarifies that it will support all cars.

The automakers have to choose to back Android Auto in order to make a big change or introduce new technology. Several o major global automakers are backing Android Auto in some of their specific cars. Previously we learned that Fiat and Chrysler vehicles would provide Android Auto. All cars assembled with Ford Sync will provide Android Auto and rival Apple CarPlay.

But there is a controversy present, Porsche moved Android Auto on the side line and is only focusing to support CarPlay in the new 911. On the other hand Honda has support for Android Auto in the new Civic and VW cars with support for Android Auto are in process of dealerships right now. The new Android Auto puts the car OS accessible in the three strongest rising car markets in the world that is Brazil, India, and Russia. Android Auto was initially launched in 2014. Apparently, the cars obtainable in the US and other present Android Auto markets will be presented provision in these 18 new places as well.

Google’s Android Auto has been progressively achieving ground with car industrialists, but has been fairly restricted geographically, as it was accessible only in 11 countries.  That condition is different today, as the story of new launch in 18 new countries with the U.S. terrain of Puerto Rico will definitely make a difference.

Android Auto allows you right to use smartphone apps and functions straight from your car’s dashboard. Also providing you an impression of up-to-the-minute detail on your phone, it also allows you in using “Maps, control music, make phone calls, send or receive messages” and accesses a diversity of well-suited apps counting Pandora, Skype and Spotify.


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