An Interesting Offseason Event Is Coming: Hudson Fitness Expo Gathers Olympia Stars

When all great bodybuilding events are over, it’s hard to expect something interesting before the next competing seasons. However, we will expect more muscle volume and more visible veins from athletes. However, this year we are facing a beautiful opportunity to see some Olympia stars at the Hudson Fitness Expo on the 16th of November. The expo will be held at Harborside Atrium, Jersey City, NJ.

The event that is planned for the nearest weekend invites bodybuilding professional and sports enthusiasts for an incredible night. Managers of the expo revealed some details about its organization. Alongside group classes, challenges, awards, and a traditional contest for bodybuilders and power-lifters, visitors of the event will enjoy talking to some bodybuilding celebrities, including the Olympia stars.

While the full list of star guests is not known, some names are already revealed. Sports fans expect to see Sadic Hadzovic, Raymont Edmonds, Andre Ferguson, and Kali Muscle at the expo. It’s also promised that other popular sportsmen will also visit the event to meet and greet their fans and to share some inspiration with the guests.

The event managers hope that expo will turn out to be not only a commercial event but also a very special platform that will bring like-minded people together and will shorten the gap between professional sportsmen and enthusiasts. The event is also aimed at promoting sports philosophy and the popularization of fitness among people of different ages and professions.

More details are available on the official site of the expo.

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