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Have you tried Apple’s iCloud service yet? If not, get your iCloud service to integrate and manage all your devices in one account. Share your contacts, your subscriptions to e-libraries, your events and social accounts in one cloud. A cloud service gives you the advantage to keep yourself up to date with different circles of your life. You can manage your to-do-list of your personal, work and family life in single command to your iCloud service.

So have you already integrated all your devices with one account. Or you are yet naïve to this ease. Are you still thinking about how you can enter this comfort in your life? Here is our quick and easy guide to take you through the process.

Use Latest Version of iOS

Apple iCloud requires latest version of iOS for a device for running smoothly. You can update to the latest version of iOS by entering into Setting menu. There, select General and then select Software Update. Check if there is any update available to your current system. Follow the same process even if you wantto set up a new iOS device. If there is any update, follow the setup assisstant in order to activate your device. The process will take you through iCLoud set up process as well.

What if I have already activated my iCloud account?

If you have a iCloud account on your device just select Settings for Home screen of your device, select iCloud and enter through your ID.
Check Automatic Downloads Option

Select Settings icon. From the menu select iTunes & App Stores. This will turn your automatic downloads for apps, music and book on.

Activate your iCloud Account on all your devices.

You can set up iCloud on Mac by following the stated procedure.

Setting Up iCloud on Mac

First ensure that yous Mac has the latest updated version of OS X.

Next step is to turn iCloud on. You can do this by choosing System Preferences from Apple menu. Select iCloud to enter your ID. Select all your required services from the next menu.

Now you are free to set automatic downloads as your preference. For this purpose, just open iTunes option and go for Preferences. Click Store select Music, Apps and Books to enjoy latest updates.

Don’t miss the fun activate iCloud on Window

So you have an iCloud account and want to keep all your devices co-ordinate through this service. Use your iCloud Account for your PC also.

For this, you have to install iCloud on windows.

Open the iCloud set up. Sign in using your Apple ID for which you have built your iCloud Account.

From the upcoming menu, select your choice of services.

Click a folder in Windows Explorer for all your data that relates to iCloud. Whenever you would save any data in that folder you would be sharing that data on all your iCloud and it would be accessible to all your integrated devices.

Activating your iCloud Account is not difficult. Integrate all your devices and get most out of your data.


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