Impressive Workout: Larry Wheels Benches Two Bodybuilders Instead of Dumbbells

Larry Wheels is one of the most interesting young sportsmen. He is successful in both bodybuilding and powerlifting. Larry is never afraid of new challenges and is always happy to try something new in training. This time he had an unusual workout and impressed his fans with his insane physique.

What makes us all admire Larry Wheels so much? Perhaps, in this sense, his creativity and courage go before everything. The sportsman is looking for a way to develop an insane power and super jacked body. For most people, it would be enormously hard. Yet Larry is balancing between his bodybuilding and powerlifting careers as if he knew a magic trick.

Larry believes that everything is possible if we believe in that. Once starting as a newbie, Wheels promised himself to break his own limits weekly. It looks like the sportsman follows his intention. Wheels is always happy for new opportunities and challenges.

This time he got inspired by the example of Russian sportsmen and tried an unusual exercise. Wheels replaced dumbbells with two muscled sportsmen. The challenge was completed successfully. Larry benched human-dumbbells easily!

Wheels shared a video of himself training with his fans on Instagram. His followers were impressed by the insane physical power of the sportsman. It’s unbelievable how easily Larry can lift two men of almost his size. “Is there anything you can’t do?”, “Larry for president!”, “When they say bodyweight exercise” – joked followers of the sportsman.

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