IFBB Puerto Rico Pro 2019 Results

This weekend a great bodybuilding event was held in Puerto Rico. The 2019 IFBB Puerto Rico contest became a real festival of sports aesthetic.The great IFBB contest gathered dozens of amazing sportsmen from different countries.

The event lasted for a very long time: representatives of all official divisions were invited to fight for a champion status in their bodybuilding category. In general, there were 9 different categories presented by numerous sportsmen: Men’s Open Bodybuilding, Men’s 212, Classic Physique, Fitness, Bikini, Figure, Men’s Physique, Women’s Open Bodybuilding, and Women’s Physique.

The results of the contest are available below:

Men’s 212 Results

  1. Eduardo Correa Dasilva;
  2. Bo Lewis;
  3. Dwayne Walker;
  4. Juhno Kim;
  5. Justin Randall;
  6. Marian Cambal;
  7. Milton Martinez;
  8. Oswaldo Gonzalez;
  9. Marco Cardona;
  10. Brett Wilkin;
  11. Arturo Cotto.

Classic Physique Results

  1. Christian Zagarella;
  2. Santiago Aragon;
  3. Orlando Maldonado;
  4. Herbert Sotillo;
  5. Eric Hernandez;
  6. Paige Russell;
  7. Marvin Cornejo;
  8. David Boix;
  9. Wayne Freeman;
  10. Hemradj Mulai;
  11. Casey Fathi;
  12. Petar Duper;
  13. Javier Duarte;
  14. Carlos Rodriguez;
  15. Blaine Cockrell;
  16. Sali Bacovic;
  17. Ty Pope;
  18. Jose Caban.

Figure Results

  1. Jessica Reyes Padilla;
  2. Ivana Ivusic;
  3. Rhea Gayle;
  4. Sh’Nere Mattise Deas;
  5. Esmeralda Arroyo;
  6. Lianna Groeneveld;
  7. Koko Korang;
  8. Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz;
  9. Debrea Rosado-Bohac;
  10. Kessia Mirellys;
  11. Park Borkim;
  12. Tiffany Scallan;
  13. Susie Lin;
  14. Larissa Penaloza.

Women’s Physique

  1. Margita Zamolova;
  2. Reshanna Boswell;
  3. Trisha Vezirian;
  4. Christina Bitner;
  5. Evangaline Belton;
  6. Katherine Hall;
  7. Ann Gruber;
  8. Ji Hye Lee;
  9. Angelica Saldua;
  10. Renee Barnhill.

Women’s Open Bodybuilding

  1. Jessica Martin;
  2. Kim Buck;
  3. Siliva Matta;
  4. Tara Silzer;
  5. Claudia Partenza;
  6. Irene Andersen;
  7. Ladawn McDaay;
  8. Angela Rayburn;
  9. Lunette Johnson;
  10. Marcela Venegas;
  11. Jennifer Sweeney.



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