IFBB Japan Pro Results

Bodybuilding competitions are becoming more and more popular in Asia. The level of their organization and promotion is becoming visibly upgraded and gather more attention of the worlds bodybuilding community.

Just a few years ago professional bodybuilding participants from big Asian countries like Japan, Korea or China were rare. However, now they are taking leading places and demonstrate great results at the contests of global meaning. No wonder, that those contests that are held in Asia are becoming better as well.

IFBB Japan Pro is a great evidence of the growth of the sports level in Japan and in the rest of Asia. The event was organized by Hidetada Yamagishi. There were three traditional categories of participants presented by Men’s 212, Men’s Physique, and Bikini divisions.

Sports critics noticed a high level of the event organization what is quite usual for Japanese sports contest. The competition was also very entertaining with great hosts and a lot of special guests.

This year the competition attracted lots of foreign participants alongside Asian sportsmen.

Results of 2018 IFBB Japan Pro

Champions of the Competition

  • David Henry in Pro Men’s 212 Division (The USA);
  • Brandon Hendrickson in Pro Men’s Physique Division (The USA);
  • Breena Martinez in Bikini Division (The USA).

Top 5 Participants

Pro Men’s 212

  1. David Henry (The USA);
  2. Shaun Clarida (The USA);
  3. Jose Raymond (The USA);
  4. Mahmut Irmak (Turkey);
  5. Dwayne Quamina (The USA).

Men’s Physique

  1. Brandon Hendrickson (The USA);
  2. Terrence Teo Kok Hua (Malaysia);
  3. Xavisus Gayden (The USA);
  4. Clinton Barbadillo (The USA);
  5. Bank Seok Choi (Korea).


  1. Breena Martinez (The USA);
  2. Ashley Kaltwasser (The USA);
  3. Stacy McCloud (The USA);
  4. Elisa Pecini (Brazil);
  5. Hye Kyeong Hwang (Korea).

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