A child living in Elmore County has been diagnosed with plague and is currently undergoing treatment. However, it is not yet sure on whether the child got infected with the bacterial disease during his recent trip to Oregon or in Idaho.

This has led the health officials from the Central District Health Department in Idaho to warn people to be on a lookout for this deadly disease.

The child is the fifth human to have contracted plague in Idaho since the year 1940.

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the plague occurs in western states more often, especially during the coolers summers followed by wet winters. 

The CDC said that some of the common symptoms of the bacterial disease include headache, fever, chills, swollen lymph nodes and weakness.

Even though plague is rare among humans, the Health Department says that the disease is found more among rodents such as the ground squirrels found in Idaho. The disease can spread between other animals through fleas and the humans can also get infected with it on coming in contact with the infected fleas or animals.

It is rare chance of the disease spreading among person to person and in case of the child; it was not a risk factor to any other person.

The health officials say that people can try and reduce the risk of contracting the disease by following some simple precautions such as:

·         Not feeding rodents in campground areas and not to handle dead or sick rodents

·         Keeping the pets away from hunting ground squirrels or any other rodents in the affected area

·         Taking advice from the vet for a good flee control product on the pets

·         If your pet is sick then you should get it examined by a vet, especially if they had a contact with dead or sick rodents

·         Maintaining the surrounding area where you live clean

·         Seeing the doctors if you are having an unexplained illness 



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