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When celebrities get involved in an affair then it turns out to be universal and same was the case observed in the massive leaks that involved iconic celebrity’s leakage of confidential information. The Apple authorities are in a fix as to how to figure out this issue.

When it occurred for the first time last year, we witnessed the most massive level data leakage of private images and videos of astounding artists such as Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence and Kaley Cuoco. The images and videos that were leaked were accessed by some notorious hackers who then sell it to third parties. The recent story is not new as we are seeing the elegant model, Gigi Hadid, falling prey to such nefarious hacking. The buzz is that her personal information has been hacked and would soon be available over the internet as the celebrity has been contacted by the hackers.

The above situation has started a new set of discussions about the failure of Apple authorities for offering the best security to their customers. Lots of questions are being raised at this point about iCloud security system and users need to be clarified about this fiasco that has turned out to be so horrible for the users.

Let’s see how Apple addresses the problem this time as it has to answer unlike the last time where Apple didn’t claim responsibility.


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