Hyrule Warriors Latest Update
(Credits: YouTube)

After two years since the game’s release, a new DLC for Hyrule will be released and it will be introducing new characters, maps, and costumes.  The new DLC for Hyrule will be released in a week’s time. The new characters that will come with the new DLC will be from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds’ Origins. This Zelda Spinoff DLC will be called ‘A link Between Worlds’. The two new characters that will make an appearance are Ravio the shopkeeper and Yuga according to Gematsu. But these characters will be portraying different roles in Hyrule Warriors, for instance, Ravio will not be some shopkeeper, instead, he will be using his items in battles, like the Hammer, Ice Rod, Bombs and Boomerang. While Yuga will only have his want and his main weapon.

Other than the new characters making their entrance in Hyrule Warriors, there is also a new map in the new DLC. The adventure mode for Hyrule Warriors will be based on the dark world version of Lorule as per GameSpot. The new characters will have specials while in this new map, they will have extra hearts and weapons of high-rank. Moreover, there will also be 17 new costumes and 15 new Fairy Wear, too.

The new DLC will be released on October 31 for the Wii U and 3DS in Japan, the rest of the world is also expecting to get the DLC on the same day. The ‘Hyrule Warriors’ ‘A Link Between Worlds’ DLC is expected to get more players for the game.


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