The platform for Hyper Light Drifter is beautiful and made to attract gamers’ attention. The game takes beautifully laid story, a carefully managed combination of colors of sound and basics of combat gaming mechanics.

The scenes are warm with bright lights and neon graphics. To add more value the game’s VR takes advantage of upbeat digital tunes and static sounds. Details are added to the scenes through brilliance of pixel work. Resultant impression of Hyper Light Drifter is a proactive approach.

Despite scenic innocence the game is engaged with many deep rooted concepts of genocide, religious symbolism, extinction, cultism and time travel. The game feedback system is built to encourage certain behaviors. For example you gain more skills by showing certain result. Moreover, the game allows you to purchase an upgrade for your sword so this can reflect a projectile that is aimed at you back towards who has fired it, and holds your slash for a charged AOE swipe.

These upgrades would allow you to start using the weapon for a complete new perspective; rather they just add on to your beginning skills and add a new beauty to them. so you can take them as just a way to beautifying the game.

The gamers wouldn’t rank this game a difficult one. You can play it and find yourself defeating all the bosses without being too reckless.

To reach the end and succeed there, a gamer has to interpret in advance. What is going to happen next? This is the common question which is easily answered while playing this game. The game allows you to keep guessing the dangers coming and plan your strategy. The story is moving between different pieces of time and space. This makes the game a bit harder to follow.

Story can be confusing and needs a thorough insight into the game to be fully understood. The plots and characters are so overwhelming that the gamer finds himself following the path consciously or not. If you have to find simple answers you have to go round and round in alternating scenes of time travel, apocalypse and a scene of illness. The basics are hidden behind locked doors and secret coves.

Although at first these hidden pieces attract gamer attention at first however, their repetition and mystery prove to be frustrating with time. It’s difficult to hold on the provided clue and the clues are too difficult to follow and to be focused. To get to end you have to get through every wall that you come across in the game to find invisible platforms or hidden openings. All in all the hide-and-seek part of the story is little too hard than it should be keep the gamer on his track.

The old school style of Hyper Light Drifter makes it a choice of many gamers, the beauty and style of the presented theme makes it a wonderful gaming experience. Its controls are simple and when this simplicity is combined with difficulties in following the clues, the story makes up to a medium difficulty level.


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