Thursday, August 18, 2022

Hunter Labrada Prepares for His Olympia Debut

Hunter Labrada has got a chance to compete on the Olympia stage. The young sportsman is celebrating his new achievement. Hunter takes the future contest very seriously. He shows his fans how the preparation for the competition goes.

If you are a talented and hard-working bodybuilder, your way will once lead you to Olympia. This is what happens to Hunter Labrada. The young and very ambitious athlete impressed the sports society with his promising physique. Hunter’s natural charisma and inborn stubbornness made him a winner of several popular contests for amateurs. Yet sooner or later he had to turn into a pro.

Fortunately, Labrada is not an amateur anymore. Recently he got his pro status and got qualified for the 2020 Olympia contest. His recent Tampa Pro win became an important step for Hunter’s career development. The sportsman has got a chance to compete against those who stayed his idols for years.

Despite Hunter’s excellent physique, nobody expects him to win or to take a noble place this year. The competition will be hard. Labrada will stand shoulder to shoulder with Phil Heath, Brandon Curry, Dexter Jackson, and other bodybuilding legends. Such competitors won’t leave any chance to win for a newbie.

Yet it doesn’t mean that this content will be useless for Hunter. Standing among the world’s best bodybuilders is already a great achievement. For Hunter it’s a great opportunity to show himself, to get important experience, and to receive new offers. That’s why the bodybuilder pays so much attention to his current preparation.

Hunter spends days in a gym and he is progressing insanely fast. He amazes his followers with almost daily Instagram updates on his physique. While there are still around 17 weeks to prepare for the upcoming Olympia, Hunter is already super lean, muscled, and shredded.

The new stage of Hunter’s career made him change his training approach. Now his workouts are even harder, longer, and more intensive than before. This definitely brings amazing results. Some sports experts admit it may be quite dangerous for Hunter. Yet the sportsman remains confident, keeps following his aims, and enjoys the attention of sports fans.

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