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How To Use Dianabol Properly

You are what you eat. However, if you take Dianabol, you end up being a lot more of what you eat. Dianabol boosts protein absorption. You are suddenly able to utilize more of the protein in the food you eat, and you are able to assimilate 20%+ higher total grams of protein each day. If you are running Dianabol, then you should seriously be eating a ton of protein to get your money’s worth. Eat 400 grams of protein – or at least 60 per meal, over 6-7 meals – to ensure you’re growing at the fastest rate possible.

Dianabol is available in 5 and 50 mg tablets. It’s a lot like Anadrol 50 in that it leads to substantial gains in body weight, water retention, and raw muscle mass in the first several weeks of use. If you are a regular steroid user, Dianabol will work wonders for you. If you have never used steroids before, and you use Dianabol for your first cycle, you will be absolutely floored. Gains of 10 to 25 pounds of lean body mass in 4 to 6 weeks are perfectly reasonable expectations for those embarking upon a first cycle. The receptors are quite fresh at that time!

Cycles of Dianabol should stop at 12 weeks. Many users have gone longer, and you’ll probably enjoy additional results if you do so. However, if you value your health and the ability of your liver to function, you’ll want to step back from Dianabol use every 12 weeks for 8 to 12 weeks. It’s an oral drug, and they are known for their toxicity. But, at the same time, the liver is a strong organ that is known for its recovery ability.

However, if you use hard orals like Dianabol for too long, polyps will turn into cancer – and that is something you can’t just cure with a “break”. The top regret of most steroid users (aside from poor PCT planning) is their unwillingness to take breaks from steroid use. Since Dianabol is popular with new steroid users and available in a convenient tablet form, it is one of those drugs which is abused most by new users. If you take Dianabol, you need to take breaks – it’s that simple!

The use of Dianabol can lead to severe acne. You should be careful when using traditional treatment methods. Accutane and other compounds are also pretty toxic to the liver themselves. You don’t want two liver toxic compounds fighting over which one gets to kill you first, do you? Get plenty of sun, take frequent showers, and just tough it out. Other side effects include increased aggression, male pattern baldness, and gynecomastia.

If you’re using Dianabol, be prepared for a big crash when you discontinue the use of the drug. You’re going to drop all that water you’ve been holding, and that 32 pound gain of monster mass will suddenly be an 11-pound lean body mass gain. That is okay! Holding 10 to 15 pounds is terrific, and it means you’ll retain those gains when you start the next cycle. Still, the massive loss in weight drives many users to exit their break after 5 days and return to using. This is a terrible idea and defeats the purpose of taking a break. Instead, follow common sense cycling, and enjoy your Dianabol!

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