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Internet technology is continuously working with mobile technology to make our lives easier. Most of these technologies are improving our information handling and processing needs. Now we are able to manage our data at our desktop or smartphone, letting cloud services taking of its storage and retrieval at a later time. This lets our hardware without extra burden on its memory and now we opt for more runtime memory instead of storage memory for our devices.

We can manage our contacts, notes-to-self, appointments or our budget without putting too such time in preparing these documents. We get help from these devices in our work as well as personal lives. To prevent ourselves from missing any important event in our family life we can set up reminders for these events. If we want to remain updated about our group’s activities we can keep a watch on what they are sharing with us through these information sharing apps.

In our work life we can manage our routine, and let your colleagues know what you are up to and when they can reach you. In addition to communication services, cloud lets entrepreneurs to store their accounts in cloud storage. Huge reduction in businesses’ data storage costs are being experienced because of this service.

There is no doubt that one can benefit a lot from this technology. But to benefit from cloud technology one must know how to use it. Using cloud as your data storage service is easy. You just have to opt in using it at your device.

For example if you are using apple iPhone you may worry about contacts which you add on your device only to find that they are not visible on all your iCloud Account bearing devices. What you will do in this case?

First of all, check which cloud services your device is using. Clearly for iPhone cloud services are provided as iCloud from Apple Inc.

Next you have to know whether this service is enabled on your device. In most cases you will find that it is enabled.

If this is not enabled first check if iCloud Contacts, Calendars and Reminders are available for your device. Fix any issue that may be prohibiting the availability. See if your device meets system requirements for iCloud.

  • Go for the Setting app on your device.
  • Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Open contacts, opt for the Default Account.

Select iCloud instead of on-my-iPhone storage. This will make all your newly added contacts available on your cloud account whether you want them on your iPhone or you are using other devices.

Updating your contacts on iCloud through your iPhone is not a difficult task, all it needs is proper setting of your iCloud account.


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