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How Anavar Changes Our Bodies: Results and Effects of the Drug

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is a synthetically derived steroid that has a chemical structure represented by a heterocycle “A” ring where a carbon atom is preferably replaced by an oxygen atom. Anavar steroid has wide popularity because of its low level of activity of androgen, accompanied by a high anabolic index.

Anavar has a strong endowment in the group of steroids, called the immunostimulating effect, which contributes to improving the sensitivity of biological tissue to insulin.

Oxandrolone was initially developed as an auxiliary tool for the purpose in the treatment of debilitated patients with HIV infection, as the same symptoms: Turner’s, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, anemia, and even of the 2nd form of diabetes in which you receive excess weight, and tissue which has undergone orehovoe transformation.

Anavar has a high anabolic activity equal to 400 %, with the presence of low androgenic equal to 25 % (report is produced from natural testosterone). Oxandrolone is not subject to conversion into estrogen, aromatization is missing. Load and toxic effects on the liver is weak. The half-life ranges from 8 to 12 hours, and the period of detection of the steroid in the blood equal to 45 days.

Anavar has an active application in a sports environment, in consequence of which this steroid got in the list of controlled drugs.

What is Anavar (Oxandrolone)

The first mass production of the steroid Oxandrolone began in mid-1964, the drug debuted on the catwalk pharmacological under the trade brand of Anavar, manufactured by Searle Laboratories.

Anavar had a medical purpose in the treatment of diseases such as osteoporosis, acute muscular failure, and used in cyclic therapy of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, HIV ~ infection.

But, despite the medical orientation of the steroid drug, the company Searle Laboratories was forced to stop production Anavar in early 1989, the decision was made after began to receive numerous complaints about abuse of this steroid in sports and bodybuilding.

Later, the company General Corporation after a series of tests, which received the status of a clinically successful, and in late 1995 started the production of Oxandrolone under the trade name Oxandrin.

Oxandrin (Anavar) received approval from the FDA, and has established itself as orfanou drug to eliminate such manifestations as alcoholic hepatitis, syndrome Shereshevsky — Turner, induced weight loss in HIV-Oxandrolone received positive reviews in the treatment of angioedema and anemia, and steroid has proved its effectiveness as anticatabolic, it reduces protein catabolism after prolonged use of corticosteroids.

Today many manufactures drugs based on the steroid substance is Oxandrolone and it is worth paying attention to the fact that though it is believed that Anavar is a safe steroid, in some countries it is included in the category of controlled substance.

Anavar (Oxandrolone) Effects and Results

An experiment conducted by a group of European scientists has shown that the fatty subcutaneous layer, which was removed with the help of Anavar, has a tendency to quickly return after the medication.

Another research study was held under the supervision of scientists from the United States. The experiment consisted of the following: was attracted by a group of men in the age group of 60-70 years, which does not resort to physical exertion, and within the 12 week period used Anavar at a dosage of 20 mg per day.

At the end of the use of Anavar steroid such indicators, test group without any strength training disappeared subcutaneous fat, and there was some increase in muscle mass. When used with a daily dosage of 20 mg, the calculation of the loss fat subcutaneous layer was 1.9-2,4 kg, and in consequence the achieved results were not changed, except 10 -15% percent body fat, who returned after a long time after the cycle.

As shown, the main change in the compositional structure of the body occurred in the initial 6th week. Also, in the process of research established that when produced fat-burning action of activated receptors which improve insulin sensitivity. Causing the body content with a minimum content of this hormone in the occurrence of food substrate in the blood plasma, which means reduced risk of conversion of glucose into fat deposits.

Anavar (Oxandrolone) manufactured effects:

  • The main quality of Anavar is to make muscle density and elasticity, which in turn increases the prominence of muscles and gives the muscles a clear drawing.
  • Uvelichivaet physical strength.
  • Affects fat and eliminates it (burns fat).
  • Activates and enhances the very useful and useful human growth hormone levels.

Anavar only cycle is not feasible to apply for set muscle mass. The cycle of Oxandrolone steroid is recommended in the use of those who are endowed with sufficient mass with the presence of moderate content of fat subcutaneous fat, that will transform your body, you will make it muscle fibers hard, and the muscles are vividly drawn, this will reduce the presence of fat content in the body and the body.

Anavar Only / Combined Cycle & Dosage

Anavar only cycle is used by athletes and sportsmen to give the muscles elasticity and rigidity, which gives the body clear underlining muscle relief. Such a cycle lasts from 6 to 8 weeks (for women enough 5-and — 6-week cycle), and adopted the pyramidal method. The reception starts with a daily dosage of 20 mg, preferably evenly distributed in the time period, use 10 mg morning and 10 mg in the afternoon, after a few days the dosage is increased and is already in use 40 mg a day, then after a few days the dosage is raised to a maximum recommended dose of 80 mg per day, divided into three parts, 20 mg in the morning, 40 mg/day and 20 mg evening.

A few days later men it is advisable to start taking Nolvadex or Clomid for 2-3 weeks, this in order to restore the level of natural testosterone. To enhance efficient performance while taking Anavar should be added to the special sports nutrition.

Anavar reviews about it give the information that it works well in combination together with different steroids, helping to make maximum use of the effective potential, so that the same allows synergy to complement each other and maximize results. Anavar is often combined with Testosterone Esters, Primobolan Depot and other anabolic steroids for sale, such cycles allow you to not only stress relief, but to gain muscle mass.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that when ligaments dosage of Anavar in many cases is equal to 40 mg per day.

Anavar Steroid Side Effects

Like any synthetic (and even natural) tool, Anavar has though small, but a side effect.

But what is worth noting is the absence of negative effect of Anavar on the liver. Although Anavar and comes in tablet form, which is usually “filtered” through the liver, this organ does not exert serious toxic effects.

As for the rest, the negative consequences of receiving Anavar women are:

  • Reduction of appetite;
  • Disorder of the digestive tract;
  • The appearance of pain in the abdomen;
  • Headaches;
  • Hypertension.

But since Oxandrolone steroid is one of the most safe, its side effects are extremely rare and in special cases (with incorrect technique, you exceed the dosage).

Very rarely, if the athlete will take 5-6 tablets a day, there will be manifestations of the cumulative androgenic effect:

  • Acne;
  • The roughness of the voice;
  • Masculinization;
  • Hair loss;
  • The menstrual cycle;
  • Hypertension of the clitoris.

But it is rather a special case, since it is not so difficult to find the necessary information about how to properly use Anavar steroid.

If you been bodybuilding for a long time, then sooner or later it will become a matter of taking steroids. This is especially true of women, whose aim is stage. Of course, every lady wants to Shine in the competition and delight the eyes with its sports figure. Provided necessary training experience and observation of a competent trainer and the doctor, as the first cycle of Anavar would be the best choice. You should not choose the first pharmacological agent, because you can stumble upon many consequences. With Anavar it is unlikely to happen, as it has proven to be the best steroid for women.

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