Horizon Zero Dawn Release Date
(Credits : Youtube)

Some fans did think that the new game developed by the Guerilla Games would have some sort of elvish or robotic language to make the game feel more realistic. This seemed to make sense since the game is set in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by robots. However, the Amsterdam-based company showed that they were actually going to make the game’s official language into American English – and they were dead serious.

Their choice of language was explained by the lead writer of the game, John Gonzalez in an interview with Game Informer. He said that “Our approach when writing the dialogue of the game was actually to make it as accessible as possible. We really wanted to avoid having our characters speak languages like high elvish – in the sense that everyone has this very ornate way of speaking’

Having this said, Guerilla Games is really committed to making sure that everyone can find the game accessible without being hindered by any communication barriers.

As fans wait for the ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Release Date on February 28, 2017, they can keep themselves busy with the recently featured demo of Horizon Zero Dawn. Players can experience and get to know the main character of the game, Aloy. A young hunter slashes archer who struggles to survive in a robot-dominated the post-apocalyptic world. The demo will have the player do a single mission that will start by talking to one of the NPCs, then proceed on doing the task assigned and then reporting back to the NPC.


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