San Marcos, CA – 18 February, 2017

Dynamite Power Training (DPT) has recently announced that they will be introducing additional colors of their suspension exercise training system to the Amazon Marketplace. With the addition of their new colors, Dynamite now also includes a no questions asked year long warranty that is encouraged to be used by all of their customers. Dynamite has extreme confidence in their suspension straps home gym exercise system and have no doubt that their suspension bands will last users more than five years!

DPT stands for Dynamite Power Training. This company focuses on developing durable, affordable and maximum resistance training systems for the global fitness community. All of this companies workout systems include a custom purpose built in doorway anchor that allows users to fix their pro suspension straps system and engage in a military grade resistance workout at just about any location. The incredible new launch of their suspension bands kit on the Amazon Marketplace is thought to have sparked the new introduction of their year long warranty. Reports state that they have experienced an extremely high rate of customer satisfaction due to their workout equipment that can be used for full body fitness exercises.

This pro kit of Dynamite’s suspension straps exercise system is the epitome when one says workouts made easy. This suspension bands ability to be used for a custom purpose in any doorway or park is amazing and not offered by any other suspension exercise competitors! Users may maneuver these bands around their doorway or any stationary point to execute abdominal and bodyweight resistance training exercises.

Suspension straps by Dynamite Power Training have been in the spotlight of the fitness company for the beginning of 2017. Not only have they began to take over the entire marketplace, but their customers are disappointed that they have spent so much money on other trainers that were not designed with such quality. To insure all customers experience an amazing workout each and every time, Dynamite has finally announced that they will be extending their no questions asked one year warranty to all of their customers from this date forward! Readers can find their Dynamite Suspension Straps on where they will recieve 2-day free shipping on orders over Forty Nine Dollars.

About Dynamite Power Training, LLC:

Dynamite Power Training is a cutting edge fitness suspension straps company located in San Marcos, California that has heightened thousands of exercise connoisseurs workout experiences. They specialize in developing home gym exercise equipment systems and serve the global fitness community.

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