Clinton and Trump to face off in three debates
(Image: ABC)

Clinton and Trump have gathered various kinds of opinions and verdicts where the common people feel that this is a win-win situation for the both the candidates. Drawing a conclusion on who will win the election, this time, is a tough judgment as both the candidates have been performing well in the campaigns.

This is one of the highly anticipated political scenarios where Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump are confronting each other with equal gusto. The first face-off took place on Monday night in NewYork, with both the candidates coming face to face on air. The question that came up with this first encounter was which Donald Trump the people will get to see fighting this election the sober-minded Trump or the aggressive and highly tempered attacker who hurled names at Bush calling him low energy Jed Bush. The matter of concern is whether Clinton will try to provoke Trump in this presidential election and be successful in putting him into further arguments.

Clinton and Trump is a grudge match which is highly anticipated and continues in the two more debates that are being live telecast. The challenge that both of them have to meet is to maintain their demeanor and not get hinged easily.

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