Highest Earning Models of 2016 is one of the top positions that every aspiring model dreams of earning. The journey to that level is not an easy one. The model has to work on various aspects of physical appearance because she needs to be perfect when strutting down the ramp. The picture speaks a thousand words. One of the most important criteria of modeling is to make the perfect click. If anything goes wrong, then that easily gets captured in the photograph.

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Cara Delevingne, known for getting featured in Suicide Squad is now one of the highest-paid models. She has secured the seventh position in the entire list earning an obscene amount of $ 8.5 million per year. But nothing comes easy. She has put in a lot of effort to gain this position and now tastes success in this modeling fraternity. Among the social networking sites Delevingne has become the second popular model.

The total count of the followers on Instagram is almost 33 million followers. Gisele Bundchen secured the top notch position earning $ 30.5 million. The second position in the Highest Earning Models of 2016 is taken by model Adriana Lima with $ 10.5 million, and the third position is shared by Kendall Jenner and Karlie Kross.

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Models Rosie Whiteley and Gigi Hadid are sharing the fifth place earning $ 9 million. They have signed several contracts with companies like Marks and Spencers and Top shop respectively. The models, therefore, are receiving a good pay by being a part of such contracts and are making the most of the opportunities given to them. Via theladbible



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