Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Hidetada Yamagishi Looks Even Better After 45

Hidetada Yamagishi has already amazed the sports community with his incredible physique. He managed to become one of a few Japanese bodybuilders who gained lots of fans globally and achieved great results, taking part in the Olympia and Arnold Classic contests.

Hidetada is a gifted sportsman, who combines insane power of will and great genetics. The sportsman never misses his training and thinks that having a day-off is an unnecessary luxury for a professional sportsman. At the same time, Hidetada believes that even working crazily hard, you shall still think about your health.

It could sound just like another basic advice. However, it looks like Hidetada coped with guessing the secret meaning of it. Now, the sportsman is 45 and he looks even stronger than years before when he appeared on the great bodybuilding stages of global meaning.

Yamagishi is a living example of a wise approach in bodybuilding. His recent videos proved he’s not getting older. In the opposite, Yamagishi looks and feels better year after a year. That’s quite unusual for a professional hard-working bodybuilder.

Lots of sportsmen think about finishing their career when they are close to 45. Some stay in the sport, having no great ambitions. However, Hidetada has another mission in his life. The sportsman wants to prove that age is nothing but a formality and you can still dream about champion’s title when you are 45 or older.

The sportsman doesn’t reveal any of his plans. However, his fans hope to see him competing at 50 or even older. Having such a great physique now, at 45, Yamagishi has high chances to become even stronger in a couple of years.

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