“He Will Regret That!” – Olympia Producer Revealed Some Details About Kai Greene’s Return

The closer 2020 Olympia is, the more questions about Kai Greene’s return appear. So far, there is no clear answer to whether we will see Greene on stage this year or not. Yet Olympia producer Tamer El Guindy expands on the topic of Kai’s comeback.

Kai Greene has always been artistic and charismatic. He has never won the Olympia crown. Yet his positivity and sparkling sense of humor made him a king of sports fans’ hearts. Unfortunately, Kai stopped competing some years ago. The sportsman refused to give any clear comment on the situation. That’s why his loyal fans hope for his fast return.

The unexpected retirement made Greene even more popular than before. The sports celebrity keeps training and stays incredibly muscled and shredded. Most of his time is dedicated to fitness and bodybuilding. Green always looks ready to enter another Olympia contest. Yet he’s not in a hurry to speak about his return.

“He Will Regret That!”

A recent interview with Tamer El Guindy (Olympia producer) revealed some interesting details and ended up many rumors. Tamer says there’s no financial issue between Greene and Olympia. The contest’s management is ready to pay to get Greene back. Such cooperation could be beneficial for both parties.

Olympia is very interested in Kai Greene’s return. The contest’s management has been trying to return Kai for more than three years. The Olympia representatives will continue negotiations until there’s a hope to get Greene back.

Yet Tamer doesn’t understand why Greene is still out of the competition. “He will regret that. When he will be 70 years old, he will look back and miss this time. We don’t want to see him on TV or movies. All the fans want to see is him on stage”, – El Guindy explained.

Olympia producer thinks that the reason for Kai’s leave could be his disappointment in IFBB. Yet Tamer also admits that there are no serious obstacles for the sportsman to come back. “The only person that stops him is himself”, – he added.

While there’s no official comment from Kai Greene, all this can be nothing but guesswork. Yet the sports celebrity prefers to keep the silence. Greene’s fans are still guessing whether the bodybuilding star is planning his return for this year.


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