Hawaii: What went wrong to the emergency alerts

The Emergency Management Agency’s executive officer of Hawaii is preparing the 1.3 million citizens of the state for a nuclear attack.

To survive a nuclear attack, the state’s emergency management authorities released guidelines.

But the question is arising that “ Why now?

The tensions rising with North Korea has put in such situation that there may be some possibilities of the attack.

The military pressure is hardened by the United States after North Korea conducted a successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile. The missile was appeared capable of hitting Alaska and Hawaii, America’s two most western states.

A “dangerous escalation” the United States the test.

Hawaii: What went wrong to the emergency alerts

The released guidelines by the agency could help in surviving a nuclear blast hitting a city. The instructions said that pick shelter as best as you can, it is preferred that the shelter is made of concrete.

After that be prepared to stay there for 14 days.

David Ige the state’s governor, held his office’s first Facebook Live session on late Monday. He said in the live session that the topic is about the emergency management and emergency preparedness.

He also added that the possibility of a missile or bomb is very low from North Korea. Their whole focus is to make sure that they are fully prepared.

A missile threat from North Korea does not put high rank after hurricanes, tsunamis, heavy flooding and earthquakes.

A spokesperson for the state defense department, Lt. Col. Charles Anthony, that it a very low compared to the threat from a hurricane, but still they have to prepare.

New attack alert sirens are tested by the authorities and residents are advised to keep medication items up-to-date.

Hawaii is the first state to start an emergency campaign to prepare for any nuclear attack reported by the Hawaii Tribune-Herald.

One of the audiences from the governor’s Facebook Live session wrote in the streaming comments that there is nowhere they as the people of these islands could go for safety they are all DEAD.