Halloween Special: Can a Pumpkin Protect an iPhone 7 from 100ft Drop Test?

halloween, happy halloween, Halloween 2017
Written by Scott Robert

Let’s put the latest iPhone 7 in another test on this Halloween, this time we are going to drop the iPhone 7 from 100ft inside a pumpkin. After note 7 issues,  iPhone 7 is trending all over the internet. As today is Halloween it’s best time to do Pumpkin drop test.

halloween, happy halloween, Halloween 2017

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Pumpkin, candy corn and obviously iPhone 7 is used in this test. To test iPhone 7 we cut the pumpkin from center added some candy corn in it and finally add iPhone 7 inside and close the pumpkin with it’s slice which we cut before.

Now it’s time to go to 100ft above from the ground and drop the pumpkin from there.


Halloween 2017:

Apple’s next generation iPhone 7 is a proud all rounder and it’s also proved today, The iPhone 7 is claimed to dunk in the water as it is splash resistance and also most strong iPhone so far announced by Apple. Iphone 7 comes in two black colors, a glossy jet black and a simple matte finish we used matte finish in this test.

It’s too much fun to do this awesome test on Halloween. Have a very Happy Halloween from JBH NEWS. Good Luck

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