Half Life 3 Release Date
(Credits : Youtube)

We all have had our fair share of expectations regarding the release date of Half-Life 3, especially since it makes a whole lot of sense for it to come out now that the 20th anniversary is coming along. However, as the year is coming to an end, Valve has yet to break their silence with regard to Half-Life 3. If we look back, the first ever Half-Life game was released way back 1998, with this in mind, a rumor started floating about that Half-Life 3 might just be unleashed on 2018 as it is the game’s 20th anniversary.

Moreover, Half-Life 3 is said to have the new Kraken Base that will let players dive into the deep alien sea using a submarine like a machine. Reports have also mentioned that Half-Life 3 will have a story line that will revolve around its main character, Gordon Freeman. The character will be exploring the abyss of the ocean in search for Doctor Helena Mossman, who is located inside the Kraken Base.

Following the rumors about the 2018 Half-Life 3 release, it would really make sense that the game will have Virtual Reality support, with all the new consoles making their debut in the Virtual Reality world, surely Half-Life 3 will not pass on this opportunity to make aliens stand in front of their players, and wouldn’t that be something.

As for the main reason of the prolonged release date for Half-Life 3, if it’s not because they want it to be released as a 20th anniversary gift to the fans, then it is because Valve does not have enough people to develop the game, this is also the alleged reason that the sequel to the successful franchise took so long too.



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