In the name of celebrating the title’s 20th anniversary, fans were hoping for a 2018 launch for Half-Life 3 and it seems that it might just happen. Valve is said to be releasing the game in 2018 and fans are definitely excited for it.

It is known that Valve has been mum about anything that has to do with Half-Life 3 and its development. There is yet to be an official announcement regarding the game’s development or even if the game is actually in the works. However, there are leaks and reports that say otherwise, and that the game is already on the way.

As per GameSpresso, there have been hints about Half Life 3 and that it is under development, it will also have a whole lot of interesting new features. One of the hints the code detectives are referring to in order to come to this conclusion is that in a recent update in Dota 2, another game under Valve, there seems to be a code ‘HLVR’ which could mean Half Life Virtual Reality. This caused as to go into a frenzy because of the fact that the 20th anniversary game of the Half Life series will be VR ready making it totally worth the wait. The new Half Life game is also said to be available to play on the new Nintendo Switch. Moreover, there is also news that Valve is working with HTC to develop this much-awaited installment to the Half Life series. This due to the fact that the chairwoman of HTC, Cher Wang confirmed that they are co-operating with Half Life during the Mobile World Congress, it just wasn’t clear if she was referring to Half Life 3 in particular.


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