Those who have no understanding of this game, Half Life 3 was initially created by Sierra Studios and designed to work with Microsoft Windows back in the year 1998. There have been subsequent developments of the game since its launch. Valve is the company that later developed the “Half-Life” game with the first series beginning in the 2000s.

The valve may not have made an official announcement of the Half-Life 3 game release; however, it is rumored that this series of the game may be released in 2018. Many sources from the web hint that Valve may be set to release the series a couple of years from now.


As the 20th anniversary of the Half-Life game is expected to be in 2018, a report from Yahoo News suggests that this may be the same time the launch of “Half-Life 3” will happen. Fans of the game may be wondering why it is taking that long to be released.

Reports cite that Valve’s workforce has not entirely started on working on the game- only about one-third of the workforce. Again, the game may have hit a wall in its early developments with the previous series thought to have lacked objectivity.


There have been reports that Valve Corporation intends to make some tweaks and updates on “Half-Life 3” as part of the games improvement.

Companies like HTC have been closely working with Valve Corporation with the recent project being the one on HTC Vice – designed to make virtual reality headset. This project hints that gamer expect to have a virtual reality experience in playing the game, but it does not mean other players who don’t use this technology won’t be able to enjoy the game. The “Half-Life 3” may still come with full VR compatibility.


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