Hafthor Bjornsson Lost 30kg: The Sportsman Plans For a Boxing Debut

Hafthor Bjornsson is preparing for his boxing debut. The sportsman is going to meet his old rival Eddie Hall at the rink. Hafthor takes the challenge very seriously. He has already lost more than 30kg and assures his fans it’s far not the end.

Which word would you choose to describe Hafthor Bjornsson? ‘Huge’ or, perhaps, ‘Giant’ would be right ok! Yet now one of the biggest men on the planet has a reason to shrink in size. The record-holder and popular Game of Thrones star is now battling for the title of strongest man on the planet with Eddie Hall. While both sportsmen are nearly the same strong in powerlifting, they decided to organize a real boxing challenge to solve the issue.

Bjornsson confessed that he was afraid his weight could be an obstacle to being a good boxer. What is right for a strongman is not always the same positive for other sports. That’s why Hafthor decided to introduce some serious changes to his lifestyle, dieting, and training.

To calm down his fans, Hafthor explains he’s not about leaving strength sport. Yet he’s eager to end his old conflict with Hall. The sportsman says this appears very serious for him. He’s ready to dedicate a lot of time and effort to his victory.

Recently the sportsman said he had lost about 30kg. Moreover, Hafthor met with professional boxers for sparring and some fighting lessons. Despite some impressive progress in boxing, Hafthor is still not happy with his physique. He says his plan is to lose at least 10kg more and to improve his stamina. The strongest man in the world suffers from too much cardio that is necessary for boxing training. Yet he believes this is necessary for his future success.

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