Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Hadi Choopan Won’t Return To The Olympia Stage

Hadi Choopan is one of the most promising bodybuilders who has already proven he had high chances to win Olympia in his division. This year the talented bodybuilder traveled to Canada where he won the Vancouver pro contest, becoming a champion. This is a great achievement, however, not the biggest he expected to get this year.

Being one of the top bodybuilders in the world, the Iranian sportsman can’t battle for a victory at the Olympia contest due to an upsetting reason. He can’t enter the country legally. The new immigration policy of the USA makes it very hard to get a US visa to citizens of several countries, including Iran.

The first time Hadi faced the problem last year. However, that time he managed to keep optimistic and kept promising his fans that he would come back to get his victory. Nevertheless, all his attempts to take part in the US competition were unsuccessful.

This year Choopan could not get his visa again. Despite the help and support of his friends and fans, he won’t take part in the 2019 Olympia. Now the sportsman is thinking about a different vector for developing his sports career. He doesn’t deny an idea to become an Olympia participant. However, he’s forced to postpone it for an unpredictable time.

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