Hadi Choopan Will Compete At 2019 Olympia!

This is breaking news in the world of bodybuilding. His fans couldn’t even hope for better news this year. In a couple of weeks, we all will see Hadi Choopan at Mr. Olympia 2019. As a rule, Hadi competes at 2012. However, he dominated the Vancouver Pro as an Open competitor not so long ago.

Although Choopan was qualified to compete at the 2019 Olympia, the travel ban for Iranian nationals imposed by the United States was a real obstacle. Initially, the elite bodybuilder was denied access to the country. But all the Olympia wanted him to compete and that he showed off his incredibly body without any stomach fat. And now, Hadi is in the USA preparing for the Olympia 2019.

The competition will take place on September 12-15 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here is what Choopan’s coach Hany Rambod wrote on his Instagram:

 “They said it couldn’t be done! 
@Hadi_choopan The Persian Wolf
🐺 has just landed in the USA to prepare for the @mrolympiallc and he’s hungry. 💪

Thank you to the @mrolympiallcorganization @ifbb_pro_league for helping with his visa. This has been an epic endeavor that many of helped with.

Also special thank you to his managers/best friends @hadiparsafarand 
@parsafar_mahdi for their relentless pursuit for his visa. 
I know I’m forgetting some people but I’m so excited. Please know this couldn’t have been done without you all!
🙌🙌🙌 #ThankYou

And here is what the Official Mr. Olympia LLC posted:


Iranian Bodybuilding sensation has arrived in the U.S. to finish preparations for bodybuilding’s biggest prize. 

It’s still unknown whether he will compete for the title of “212” Olympia or Mr. Olympia.

Either way, Choopan will makes his U.S. debut on FRIDAY September 13th in Las Vegas at the Orleans Arena.

 Now we hope that Hadi Choopan will be one of the best on the 212 division, he has terrific physique now. Olympia contest has never seen such athletes and the show promises to be interesting!

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