Hadi Choopan is unable to compete at the Mr. Olympia 2018

Due to the Travel Ban on some countries including Iran issued by Donald Trump, Iranian Hadi Choopan is kept out of Olympia this year. Hadi “The Persian Wolf” was qualified to compete at Mr. Olympia after winning the IFBB Portugal Pro 2018.

At first, Hadi attempted to surpass the travel ban, by all means, to participate at the Olympia this year. These rumors were spread not by Hadi but by people around him. They claimed we would see Choopan compete in the 212 Division of the Olympia. However, now Hadi confirmed he will 100% not be able to arrive to compete for the crown at Olympia.

It’s a pity because Hadi has really high chances to defeat Flex Lewis and become a new champion in Men’s 212 division. He can’t compete in the USA due to Trump’s travel ban.

Hadi confirmed he won’t be able to compete at the Olympia this year in his Instagram post calling that problem “Discrimination”.


Choopan is sure no one would be able to fill his spot. He is sure his spot is reserved!

The bodybuilding fans are really unfortunate this year, while they can’t see Hadi Choopan prove to be the best in the 212 division. Now, as Hadi is out from the Olympia, Flex Lewis has more chances to keep his crown this year.

Hadi looks to not have lost his hopes and he will surely continue to fight and search for the ways to compete in the United States in future. We can’t know whether this happens or not, but Hadi has a strong will and he might find the way. He can fight as strong as he trains!

Let’s wish Hadi luck in his search of the way out. We all hope to see him at the Olympia stage next year!




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