Hadi Choopan Risks His Health to Build Impressive Physique: Sportsman Shares Videos of Insane Workouts!

There are not many Asian bodybuilders whose names are known globally. Yet Hadi Choopan has every chance to prove that victory respects no geographical boundaries! The sportsman who took third place last year is preparing to come back. He works out like a real beast!

Hadi Choopan is definitely one of the best bodybuilders on the planet. Yet his path to the top has always been challenging. The sportsman struggled a lot to join the Olympia team. Moreover, Iranian bodybuilder is still facing some troubles this year.

Unstable political situation and COVID-19 restrictions make it hard to be present at the upcoming contest. Many sportsmen, who live abroad, including Hadi, can only hope they take part in the upcoming event. Unfortunately, making plans is too bald in 2020. Yet fans of Hadi are sure: this devoted athlete will find a way to be on the stage!

Recently, Choopan showed how he prepares for the 2020 Olympia. The bodybuilder shared a video extract of his shoulder workout on his Instagram. The popular publication caused an emotional reaction of Hadi’s fans. While some supported his desire to train extra hard, others got worried about his health.

No doubt, hard work always brings great results. Yet it may also become a cause of trauma, physical exhaustion, or serious health problems. The bodybuilder reacted to his fans’ messages and comments. Hadi assures his followers that he feels more motivated and stronger than ever and his health is more than OK. Despite lots of possible obstacles, he’s going to do his best to make his team, family, and fans proud of him this year!

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