Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Hadi Choopan Had a Huge Argument With The Members of Oxygen Gym

Hadi Choopan is a promising sportsman with a big army of fans worldwide. Nevertheless, his participation in the Olympia contest became a surprise for everyone this year. Hadi was trying to get a US visa for several years, however, he could not get it before due to the new immigration policy. Unfortunately, it was very hard to get a US visa, being an Iranian citizen.

A month before the Olympia, Hadi told he was refused to get permission to cross the US border. Nevertheless, things changed surprisingly. Finally, Choopan got the desired visa a few weeks before the contest. Hadi and his fans were more than happy. However, the sportsman had other things to surprise his followers.

The sportsman became famous, presenting Men’s 212 division, however, this year he decided that it’s time for great changes. Hadi switched to Open division what was very unexpected. Perhaps, this became a matter of arguing between Choopan and representatives of the Oxygen Gym.

Hadi was seen arguing with the gym members during the 2019 Olympia contest. While the exact reason for the conflict is officially unknown, lots of sports experts believe the sticking point was the surprising decision of Choopan. It looked like the Oxygen Gym members didn’t support such dramatic changes.

Nevertheless, Hadi managed to win third place, becoming one of the most dangerous competitors for the Mr.Olympia. This victory is currently the biggest achievement in Choopan’s career. 

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