Thursday, June 30, 2022

Guy Cisternino Protects Shawn Rhoden From Internet Haters

Shawn Rhoden has spent years being a competing bodybuilder, however, he has never felt so much pressure as he feels now. Last year he won the Olympia contest, dethroning Phil Heath. He enjoyed his new status and all the benefits it brings. However, he can’t celebrate his victory forever. Now, it’s time to prepare for the hardest battle he could ever imagine.

Shawn is training hard to enter the contest with his best physique. He has too many competitors this year, including such great bodybuilders as Phil Heath and Big Ramy. Moreover, his emotional stress is constantly high due to the numerous messages he gets from haters.

Recently Shawn entered Pittsburgh Pro 2019 guest posing. The bodybuilder looked great and extra massive, however, it was easy to notice, he was a bit obese as for a competing bodybuilder.

This fact quickly caused reactions from sports fans. Most people criticized Shawn for looking not ready for the upcoming Olympia contest.

The situation was soon commented by Guy Cisternino who decided to protect his colleague and the current champion Shawn Rhoden. As usually, Guy uses his Instagram account as a place to speak out.

The bodybuilder asks other people not to judge bodybuilders when they are not at the competing stage. He explains that most of the time sportsmen may look very different from the way they appear on the bodybuilding stage.

Cisternino thinks that Rhoden still has enough time to lose weight and to reduce the amount of fat before the contest. He is sure Shawn will look great and very different from the way he looks during the offseason.

In addition, Guy explains that he shared his video message not only to protect Shawn Rhoden himself but also to protect all bodybuilders who often get lots of offensive messages even when they are not competing.

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