Cisternino is one of those sportsmen who everyone likes to look at, however, almost nobody loves listening too. That’s far not a secret that the bodybuilder is often too honest and never tries to filter what he says. Moreover, Guy is often offensive or aggressive to other sportsmen.

Fortunately, his endless quarrels rarely continue in  real life. However, it looks like Cisternino made the internet his battlefield. This time Guy didn’t choose any individual to be his victim, he addressed his comments to all modern bodybuilders, telling no concrete names.

Guy also mentioned the reason that made him so angry. Finally, the sportsmen got irritated because of the great activity of sports bloggers and fitness gurus in Instagram and other social sites. Cisternino told that bodybuilding competitors spent too much time holding their smartphones and that would definitely lead to upsetting result during the contest.

The brutal bodybuilder didn’t try to choose the correct words and spoke very emotionally. His words caused a quick reaction. Sports fans and Guy’s colleagues blamed him back as he is also the one who shows great social activity.

In addition, many followers told that such a post can be another attempt to attract some attention. However, there are also a lot of people who love Guy Cisternino for his being brutal and always telling what he thinks. They supported the idea of the former bodybuilder and told his speech had sense.

You can watch the video post below to decide whether Guy Cisternino is right or no.


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