Gundam Versus Release Date

The publisher was ready to unveil the title during the Tokyo Game Show 2016 in which further details and information were to be shown. According to the US gaming market, “Gundam Versus” will come out for the PlayStation 4 as usual and has a great motive behind all of these rumors. The 15th year anniversary of the “Gundam Vs.” franchise seems to be a particular controversy regarding the title issues.

According to the MobilenApps reports, Gundam Versus will be a same traditional Arcade version, but it is expected to have better graphics then its previous versions. It is also said that the theme will be same in ‘ Gundam Versus’ as found in its previous versions  such as Gundam Barbados which hailed from “Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans” also in Gundam Exia of “Gundam 00.” The complete details for this version will be seen in near future.

Regarding availability, General Manager Yusuke Sasaki mentioned that “Gundam Versus” can be found outside Japanese territories. The game will not only be available to the western world but will have a worldwide release, which is basically an attempt to get as many fans for this game as possible to increase its publicity.

After all of the issues, the fans of this game are still desperately waiting for their favorite game to be release and the producers of the game are not releasing the new version as they think that it might increase its ratings that will not result in a cheap publicity stunt in the end.


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