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After four years of development with the console and improving graphics GTA 5 (grand theft auto) is released. There had been several delays in the release dates along with a multiple number of trailers and teasers were released for the game. Developers’ claims that the world in GTA 5 is even bigger and an estimate of the map size can be made by guessing it vaster than GTA San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption combined. Upon starting the game all the arenas are unlocked thus giving the player a liberty to roam anywhere in the world of GTA 5.

GTA Advanced Graphics

Talking about the graphics and real world imagination games has it all. Moving into the industrial area and you will witness the trucks clogging the freeways and certain tame animals pop out as you move towards the countryside.  Besides this, you can enjoy a shark swimming by you while you have a dip in the sea. Thus, it is a whole life world that out numbers all the previous versions and can’t be found in any other game. The game starts with a criminal named Michael, the person is drawn back to multiple circumstances. There is another character named Franklin, who is though he is a lower level criminal yet is ambitious and a violent character. Whatever gamer dreams in a game can be found either it be bikes, boats, drugs, women, planes and revenge all combined in a single game. With The game so far has sold over 60 million copies.

Valentine Updates

Periodically, Rockstar games the developers of GTA5 release frequent updates, commonly known as patches for their games. The patches include new features and are mostly meant to remove glitches in the games. Grand Theft Auto V has launched its multiplayer version this valentine. Thus, it can be considered as a Valentine’s gift for the gamers. Rockstar Games launched another patch named “Be My Valentine” for its Xbox One, PlayStation and PC users. It comes with a variety of new content including new cars, outfits and adversary to be launched after a few days. The new patch “Be My Valentine” includes a variety of new cars like Albany, Roosevelt Valor that can be bought from a legendary Motorsport store. These vehicles are outfitted a number of modifications from Los Santos Customs.

Valentine Dress Collection

Players can also buy multiple new outfits for their customers including new suits, vests boxer shorts and stockings. In addition, to this Be My Valentines patch also comes with a new theme named “Couples-Themed’ in adversary mode called “Till Death Do us Part.” Yet GTA V is not the only game releasing the patch this Valentine. In news for GTA V online version has become the best game for the developers of Rockstar. The downside related to the released of the game is that due to developing a process of such a great version Rockstar developers has skipped the release for platforms like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  The game has earned the most revenue ever has the maximum numbers of players playing it, this patch is the major reason that why GTA V’s single player mode DLC is nowhere to be seen.


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