Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is truly the most exceptional game and the fun of diehards would have tasteless if the game didn’t receive mesmerizing updates. One of the special among the very few updates was Grand Theft Online, the purpose of which was to have a multiplayer option in the game and helping users to interact with their friends.

Moreover, Rockstar that has been the proud name behind such phenomenal success of the game has declared that it will release special Halloween treats till November 16, 2015 and the aim is specifically to be with the fans in this mesmerizing celebration. The update would be available for Sony’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s Xbox One and Windows PC.

The coolest thing about this new update is the Franken Stange and Lurcher Hearse. This usage of these two vehicles would give the players a chance to showcase their dark side and would be made available only in Halloween. Moreover, the fascinating thing is that the vehicles can also be customized with 20 new ghoulish Bobble-heads and can be added to the dashboard in order to give the vehicles an astounding touch of elegance. Moreover, the inclusion of new scary masks that can be related to Vespucci Movie Masks and there are 30 new Spooky Face Paint styles available in the spirit of the Halloween season. Overall, the Halloween update would scare the hell out of you once you start entering into the GTA world.


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