GTA 6 Release Date
(Credits : Youtube)

The long wait for the sequel to GTA 5 might actually come to an end at next year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo on 2017. Nonetheless, fans of this action packed game have been eagerly breathing down the necks of Rockstar Games producers to have them release more information regarding the much-awaited sequel to GTA 5. However, to their chagrin, the game developer of the game has kept unremarkably silent about this.

There is a rumor however that GTA 6 may be cancelled since Rockstar games were absent at Sony’s recent event. But on the Brightside of this rumor-filled the world, some suggest that the GTA 5 sequel will e4K and VR ready. Imagine, going through the city and wreaking havoc via virtual reality. Wouldn’t that be something?

While the speculation that the GTA 6 Release Date will be announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017. While GTA 5 is nearly three years old being the latest Grand Theft Auto game available in the market, it is arguable that there might not be a GTA 6 release at all, instead developers may focus on improving the existing GTA 5 by adding DLCs to further improve the gameplay experience.

On a side note, GTA 6 is rumored to be set in either New York or Miami and might actually feature a female protagonist to play as.

As fans wait for the official GTA 6 Release Date  to be announced, and what features it will be bringing along with it, fans can keep themselves busy with Rockstar Games’ segment for GTA titled ‘GTA Online where as players can actually make their own business to generate more income as they climb to be the best biker.


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