greys anatomy season 13 air date
Grey's Anatomy season 13 will be air this Thursday (Image: ABC)

Like Season 12, the story of season 13 Grey’s Anatomy will also revolve around the main characters of the drama. The recent reports show a possible relationship between the favorite characters Meredith & Alex and this season might show that the level of friendship between these two might change into a relationship at the end of this Season. The fans are anxiously waiting to see the relationship between these two characters. But don’t get too excited, the same report also shows that this might be a brother-sister relationship.

However, the Official Teaser shows that the Meredith is going to take some big risks to help Alex eluding from the prison bars but still it’s a mystery, and the excitement goes on with it. The teasers also gave us hints that Alex and Meredith’s lives are in danger, and Meredith will save Alex from going to the jail as we had seen in the last season that Alex almost killed the most annoying character DeLuca in a fight.

Some reports are showing that the Alex & Jo will have problems with their relationships and might result in separation. The Season 13 might have another Love for Meredith in Nathan. As few days are still left for the season to be aired, let the fans of Grey’s Anatomy decides who is better for Meredith, Nathan or it is Alex.

In a few days, all of these mysteries will be ended as the season will be aired and fans will see their famous Characters on Television Screen.


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