Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date
(Image : Youtube)

The reason behind the lack of much wanted updated regarding Grand Theft Auto 6 has been shared by Rockstar Games. It seems that it is all because the company wants the fans to keep their eyes on Grand Theft Auto 5 for now. Moreover, there may also be budget issues involved. Reports say that the video game developer finds the multi-million budget for Grand Theft Auto 6 to be too much to handle.

As per Neurogadget, Grand Theft Auto 5 cost nearly $265 million to create, it follows that the much more improved Grand Theft Auto 6 will definitely cost more. As per the rumors, the new game will be featuring VR and AR support. That added feature alone will surely add a few digits to the development cost of Grand Theft Auto 6. On the brighter side of things, the Grand Theft Auto 6 is said to double or maybe even triple what it costs even if they do end up spending a muti-million amount.

Looking back, Grand Theft Auto 5 was able to bring a huge amount of profit into the company as it generated over $800 million after merely 24 hours after release. It is sure that Grand Theft Auto 6 is capable of bringing home a whole lot of bacon to the company despite the huge amount of money it would cost to make the much-awaited game a reality.

As of now, the most popular rumor regarding the Grand Theft Auto 6 release date stated that the game is expected to come out by 2018. This is based on the fact that the Grand Theft Auto franchise usually has about 5 years in between each new version.  Of course, Rockstar games has yet to confirm or deny these speculations.


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