The Bikers DLC is already up and about and as if it weren’t already interesting enough, they now made it so that players of Grand Theft Auto 5 can start their own clubs! As per the latest new update regarding the recently launched Grand Theft Auto Bikers DLC, it is said that players can now create their own club, to become president or a Prospect.

As to how to get to those two key positions, players merely have to follow a few instructions to snag the title and the role of either Prospect or president. In order for a player to get his own club up and running, all that is needed is I purchase a clubhouse from Maze Bank via the foreclosures section. These clubhouses can be located anywhere, it can be in a city, or even way out into the desert.

The moment a player buys a clubhouse for himself, of course, he is immediately hailed president, but this role also means other responsibilities to make the club worthy of having prospects, this includes building CEO offices and maybe even buying yachts. The clubhouse in Grand Theft Auto Bikers DLC will be able to house a maximum of seven MC member rides and will even come with ten personal bikes.

As president of a Motorcycle Club in Grand Theft Auto 5 Bikers DLC, you will need to assign the prospect with four assignments, namely vice president or sergeant at arms, enforcer, or road captain. Flowing this, the club will need to pursue and succeed in missions.


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