Gordon Hayward is back to the game with full energy.

Gordon Hayward an American professional basketball player of the Utah Jazz of the NBA. The former Butler Star’s news came on Sunday that he is battling from food poisoning. He was cleared mediclly for playing the IV’s earlier the same day. Gordon Hayward was simply not having much energy to give Jazz his quality time. He scored a remarkable 26.3 points, 8.3 rebounds, 3.0 assists and 2.3 three-pointers across 40.3 minutes over the first three games of the series. But he was dubious for Tuesday game.


Gordon Hayward was very careful for not naming any specific store. The star conversed his illness, saying it came from a “sandwich from a place.” So the culprit was sandwich that put him away for the count and enforced him miss the Sunday’s play against the Los Angeles.

Gordon Hayward, ended up being drawn from the game after just nine minutes. However, with a couple of days off, Hayward is likely to be back to full power and is now good to play Game 5.

Gordon Hayward told media that it started on Saturday night. His wife unexpectedly got sick. He spoke to her that he had to get some sleep and rushed down to the basement.

“Maybe it was karma, because two hours later I was back upstairs up doing the same thing she was and was basically up all night. I didn’t get much sleep, couldn’t eat anything. I got the IV and tried to play through it couldn’t do it.” Gordon Hayward added.

After he was pulled of the game Hayward said after returning home, he “slept it off” and “felt tremendously better” and was able to eat again. “I feel back to normal,” leading up to the game 5.

Gordon Hayward’s illness came at bad and wrong time for the Jazz. But Joe Johnson’s fourth-quarter heroics aided Utah get the victory and equal the series at two games each.

“I think he’s good,” says center Rudy Gobert, measuring Hayward’s performance at the team’s morning shoot around. The illness “was very unfortunate, but at least we knew he was going to be good for the next game.”

During his illness and a young boy’s “get well soon” care bundle he gave to a Jazz player is getting national courtesy. Fans were expecting him in the game on Tuesday, possibly thanks to “Jackson F.”

This tweeted picture shows the note Jackson left with a pack of Gatorade.