GoPro Hero 5
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There were reports that the updates for the GoPro Hero 5 can be distinguished as a minor tweak when compared to the latest GoPro Hero 4. The site notes that there’s not much of a difference on the Hero 5 compared to the Hero 4.

Due to the escalating uproar of the ever anticipating fans about the details of The Hero 5. The Company has never failed to feed their fans with every detail on the upgrades. Although it is an updated version of its line, this highly- anticipated action camera will have a much simpler look than the other models. Making the Hero 5 simpler in look is not surprising, given that GoPro has maintained its image of designing aesthetic action cameras.

GoPro Hero 4
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We all know that GoPro is being designed majorly for the use of the athletic community, which is why the size of the camera is a major factor in the design. Nevertheless, The Company is making sure that they will provide their fans with the best and suitable action camera out there. They knows that people are setting the bar higher for the GoPro Hero 5 and would not take the risk of realizing a device that could potentially fail. The GoPro 5 is expected to be released this year; its launch would be after the GoPro Drone Karma’s debut, but there are some rumors that GoPro Drone Karma and GoPro Hero 5 would debut as a bundle. However, the company did not give any comment regarding the said rumor.

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