GoPro Hero 5 Release Date
(Credits : Youtube)

The people of society expect that this action camera will be compatible with the first ever drone of GoPro – the Karma Drone.  Based on the report of The BitBag, this action camera will also come having LTE connectivity enabling to broadcast stream live videos to famous social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Users could definitely share videos a lot easier with this live streaming ability of GoPro Hero 5. And once this action camera is released, you’ll get to know if it could stream smoothly videos with a huge of 4K.

There is also speculation that GoPro 5 might as well make video recordings a lot easier. Through having an auto recording, as well as voice control, a feature to start and stop video recordings on time since the said type of camera, might be used most of the time in the outside environment making it a lot more difficult to record videos within a specific time frame based on Digital Trends.

Also, there is also a rumored that GoPro Hero 5 will have Cloud Backup Support which would be called as the GoPro Plus being stated on The Verge. The said feature will then allow the users to have the videos and photos in the backup storage and the transferred to the desired devices or gadgets a lot easier.

September 19 is the expected release date of this GoPro Hero 5 along with the Karma Drone. And it is also speculated that these two might come as one in a bundle. Stay updated for the upcoming release of the said device.

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