GoPro Hero 5 Black vs GoPro Hero 5 Session

GoPro Hero 5 Black vs GoPro Hero 5 Session

The GoPro is undeniably one of the best sports cameras available today. moreover, the new GoPro Hero 5 Black was recently launched. The funny thing is, it has a competitor, its brother the GoPro Hero 5 Session. The  GoPro Hero 5 Black vs GoPro Hero 5 Session, which is better?

Those who have a love for sports and action photography are surely trying to figure out which of the two GoPros are better. Here you will find the difference between the two in terms of specs, features, and prices.

Specs and Features

In terms of specifications, there is not much to say about GoPro Hero 5 Black vs GoPro Hero 5 Session since they are in par. Both sports cameras are capable of shooting 4K videos with a frame rate of 30 fps. They are both water-resistant capping at 33 feet, there is even voice control with seven languages available.

Perhaps the only difference between GoPro Hero 5 Black vs GoPro Hero 5 Session is the still photos they capture. The GoPro Hero 5 Black captures 12-megapixel stills with RAW and WDR while the GoPro Hero 5 Session is at 10 megapixels. Moreover, the GoPro Hero 5 Black has a nifty 2-inch touchscreen and is also larger than its sibling. It is likely that those who are into extreme sports and adventure would prefer the smaller of the two cameras.

If the user prioritizes the quality of the photos and footage the sports camera takes, then the GoPro Hero 5 Black is the better option. Although it is worth mentioning that both devices offer SuperView, Wide, Medium, Narrow and Linear FOVs. However, the GoPro Hero 5 Black does offer higher resolution and significantly improved low-light performance and quality. This is because of the 2MP difference the two have.

If people consider this performance gap, the difference in price will be acceptable to most. The GoPro Hero 5 Black costs $399 while the GoPro Hero 5 Session costs $299.