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Google is the most significant podium for internet users and is now considered to be more secured. Recently Google shows the detail quantity of the traffic to its search engine and other ensures that all the facilities are being safe from hackers as Google was forced to encrypt all online activity.

Talking about the exact figures, encryption protects 77 percent of the applications sent all over the world mainly to Google’s data centers.This was rapidly increases from 52 percent which was in 2013, conferring to company figures showed last Tuesday.These figures cover major Google services but not the YouTube video site which has more than 1 billion users. Google wants to enhance YouTube to its encryption analysis probably up to this year’s end.

Encryption is a safety precaution that shatters transferred information so it’s incomprehensible if it’s diverted or hacked by any unknown user.

Google initiated highlighting the requirement to encrypt publics’ online activities after personal documents leaked in 2013 by previous National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden. Edward exposed that the U.S. government had been closing up personal data transmitted over the Internet. The surveillance sequence subjugated making holes in encrypted websites.

Google has been demanding to use the clout of its effective search engine to poke other websites to reinforce their security. If we look at the year 2014, Google reviewed its secret encryption for classifying websites in its search order to increase those that spontaneously encrypted their services.

Google is emphasizing its own development on digital security however the FBI and Apple Inc. are involved in a court case over right to use to an encoded iPhone used by one of the two radical killers involved in the mass shootings in San Bernardino, California occurred last December.Google merged numerous other foremost technology corporations to support Apple in its rejection to honor a court order to expose the iPhone, disagreeing that it would need distinct software that could be subjugated by hackers and administrations to interfere their way into other encrypted maneuvers.

For this encryption cause, Google’s is demanding to make it practically impossible for government secret agent and other spies from decoding personal information detained while in transfer over the Internet. According to Google encryption experts Rutledge Chin Feman and Tim Willis:

“Our aim with this project is to hold ourselves accountable and encourage others to encrypt so we can make the web even safer for everyone,”.

The figures express that Google’s Gmail service is totally encrypted as long as the communication rests only to Gmail. Mail conversations from Gmail to other email services aren’t certainly encrypted.Google’s next most repeatedly encrypted offers are the Google maps which reflect 83 percent of traffic. Encryption regularity decreases for Google’s news service to 60 percent and finance to 58 percent.

According to Google, older devices are also incapable to manage current encryption criteria.Alphabet Inc. owner of Google says it’s still struggling to fix some technical glitches that have made it harder to encode some of its provisions.


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