Google's Customizable Live Cases
(Credits : Youtube)

Along with the announcement that Google’s new flagship phones are being released, there is also word on the return of Google’s Customizable Live Cases. The two will be hand in hand as Google releases the first phone to be carrying their name.

With the Google Pixel and Pixel XL being released in the market soon, Google has also prepared a case that can be on par with the new flagship phone. Google’s Customizable Live Cases have been reintroduced to the market and are definitely a way for Google to set themselves apart from other companies that manufacture cases. Google’s Customizable Live Cases represents novelty and a unique variety of designs. They are highly customizable to the point that users can even put their own design onto the case. Soon-to-be Pixel owners have the choice to either purchase a ready-made Live Case that already has its own design from Google’s new artwork collection or they can design their own. The said Artwork collection will feature works from artists like Justin Maller and FAILE, there will also be snaps from Chris Hadfield. These new designs will surely bring a fresh new feel to the new Google flagship phone.

Google’s Customizable Live Cases were released before for the Nexus phone and are being reintroduced soon for the Google Pixel. The cases cost $35 before and utilized NFC connection to transfer their design directly to the phone in order to be used as a wallpaper. Though note that this feature is not yet officially included in the features that the new, reintroduce Google’s Customizable Live Cases.


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