Google sprayscape
(Image: Youtube)

Google Sprayscape is a new experimental Android application which will enable users to capture a 360-degree photo or even a video, this is described by the app’s creators as VR-ish. According to Mashable, Google Sprayscape’s first phase is simply a blank black sphere that can be filled in with images. Google Sprayscape will then proceed with the gyroscope to begin the capture of the surroundings of the user. Note that the new Android app by Google will only capture the portion of the frame being tapped by the user, hence the result is indeed VR-ish. Moreover, Google Sprayscape will make taking virtual reality selfies much easier, faster and convenient. Note that the final output of the app may be quite blurry, on the brighter side of things, the output is quite easy to share.

Sharing the output of Google Sprayscape is definitely hassle free since users can share the image or video by simply sending a link. Receivers of the link can see the VR-ish creation by utilizing a Cardboard viewer while holding their device up to see all the parts of the 360-degree video or image, they can also use their finger to drag along the image to control their view.

Google Sprayscape is available through Android Experiments which is a way for Google to bring to light creative ways that developers can use to create a whole new kind of Android experience. As compared to other similar apps such as Snapchat for VR, the newer Google Sprayscape definitely packs in a more creative punch. The giant company is expected to release new add-ons based on how to app fares with the user feedbacks and such.


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