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Allo app is going to launches on 21, September. It is used not only for texting but also for getting Google assistance. The intelligence system in Allo also allows it to go for more text and photo apps.

If you are going to take launch and asking Google about it, then it will surely pull a list of restaurants near to you. Google can also ask for specific appetite, but this app will not go for a round trip. It will just focus on restaurants near to you. For much generic solution chrome and safari is also available. The good thing of this Google assistance is that you can manage your calendars. Easy thing is that you can get all answers in one place. You can also attach feelings with the help of emoji.

Google app is also capable of serving your routine messages. If someone sends you a picture of family or friend, then this app will generate an automatic response of how cute. It can automatically generate responses by your moods. After sometimes it will be used to your habits and routine and will generate responses in that sense. Beside this, it also possesses the ability to keep secret all conversation and delete it after some time.

Google app also has addition features of expressions, which user can easily download. It added options for adjusting the sizes and making the text more impressive. It is same like iMessages, where user gets its accessories from the apple store. It has evolved more from being a simple messenger to a whole new area for accessing the internet.

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