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Google has officially announced to start its fiber phones which have high speed internet and TV services too. Google has revealed that idea in February that is just applicable for residential customers. This gives the real opportunity to Google compete with “Triple Play” which has also home offering services. Google fiber is still for small businesses in certain regions but it increase the endeavor interest in the services.

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Google has planned to work this service on landline, smart phones, tablets as well as computers. Now customers just need to go with their current landline numbers or also create new one and attend calls on any device in which they like. You have to pay for this service monthly fee such as $10 in it includes unlimited call on local and national level. This service is based on cloud which means you connect to internet every time. Otherwise company also offers international callings at low rates which are also the honor for Google.

You can keep your fiber phone anywhere with you as it is the replacement of your landline phones. Now you no need of your old landline set you just change it with Google fiber phones. Like the landline fiber phone service also presents caller ID, call waiting and voicemail. It is just similar to high technology phones as voice messages recorded, transcribed and sent you through mail or SMS. All the features are great and like the remote which you can keep with you.

There is as well the Fiber Phone box that works with your present devices. The service is obviously an offshoot of Google Voice/Project Fi and carries most features in it. But it just limited to some cities as it is just for residences. This plan shows you how Google provides you its high quality services that highlight on traditional services. This is the good option for you to change your number with this functional fiber phone that is most reliable for your homes. So Google fiber phones consider better service.

This service will allow the Americans to get rid of phone bills and merge their services into a double and triple-play deal with Google Fiber. As 40% U.S adults use their personal cell phones so maybe it is not good choice for them.

Fiber phones are the great replacement of simple landline as all are most convenient and useful than other landlines. This cloud-based phones go anywhere with you as if you are going for vacations or outdoor this will be your first choice. Even as this is functional for home customers, it is helpful for small businesses that are looking for an inexpensive option.

You will get small device of it as it is place besides your landline phones which are of latest models. Google Fiber is now available in some cities of U.S like Kansas City, Austin, Atlanta, and Provo, Utah and others. So now get your Google fiber phone which is well-designed or have many useful features in it.


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